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Professional bespoke and statutory inspections

 End Of Warranty Inspection

  • An essential tool for wind turbine owners.
  • Provide an accurate picture of the status of the turbine before the warranty period expires.
  • Wind Inspections Limited End of Warranty Inspection covers all main components
  • We provide the wind turbine owner with a comprehensive report identifying required repairs and photographic evidence of any issues highlighted during the inspection.


 Endoscopic Inspection

  • Providing a valuable record of the internal condition of the wind turbine gear box
  • Identifying any increase in wear or damage to key    elements
  • Allowing for further investigation of  the root cause.

Insurance Directed Inspections

  • Recognised as experts in this field
  • We are able to complete root cause analysis inspections following mechanical failure
  • or incident requiring assessment for insurance purposes.

Oil Analysis

  • Oil analysis should take place on a 6 - 12 monthly basis.
  • Wind Inspections Limited are able to complete an on site oil patch test
  • •mmediate results which are then backed up by lab tests.

Predictive Maintenance Inspection

  • Wind Inspections Limited can provide regular predictive and preventative inspection services.
  • Highly trained and experienced inspectors with a background in wind turbine operation and maintenance
  • Identify, document and report minor problems before they become larger and ultimately more expensive issues with lost time and revenue.


Critical Component Inspection

  • A general inspection
  • Can be used alone or as part of an End of Warranty Inspection.
  • Establish if further and more in depth component inspections are required
  • Identify requirements for repair or replacement.
  • Stoppages can be avoided
  • Includes hydraulic systems, high speed brake pads and hoses.
  • Replacement or repair works can be scheduled and wind turbine down time reduced significantly.


Root Cause Analysis

  • Wind Inspections' fully qualified Inspectors are experienced in identifying root causes of recurring issues and significant failure of main component parts.
  • They can also advise on any remedial works required.
  • Root cause analysis can drastically reduce down time by identifying and resolving issues before costly intervention

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Registered office: The Grove, Wath Grove Farm, Cleator, Cumbria, CA23 3AE     Company number  08388796

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